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Shimano Sedona 500 reels rewiev

Shimano Sedona 500 FD    «Im newbie for Shimano`s owner. I think, that their reels are very efficient and durable. My new purchase is the Shimano Sedona 500 FB.   I have satisfaction, when using this reel especially for perch and chub. I find some reviews before purchasing Sedona. There are a lot of the negative words were said for this reel. But I know about black PR. And I purchased Sedona.

   What Ill have? Excellent casting, sensitive and pleasure with this reel. But I catch my trophy large fish with Sedona!

   I like to tviching with very little voblers like Kosadaka or Pontoon21. Their weight is 2-4 gram and they are cranks or minnow. But I cast them for long distance such as 25-30 m.

   My braided line 0.10 mm cannt crash reels line roller because they rolling on ballbearing and has TiNi coated surface.

Shimano Sedona 500 FD

   Friction brake is very good. By first time I dislike it for single disk, but it works very well. I using some fluorocarbon line 0.16 mm and there are no any breaks!

   There is one reels disadvantage – its spool has some roughness. Ill polish them next time.

   I use Shimano Sedona 500 FD for ultralight spinning. Their weight is 175 gram + Banax Ultra spinnings weight 70 gram. I have very light fishing tackle.

   I use this reel at half year and there are good emotions only.Five star rating for Sedona 500! See Sedonas rewiev on russian here.

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